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Polishes, Compounds & Accessories

Polishes & Compounds - A broad range of Polishes & Compounds are offered for numerous industries and applications.

At AB Gloves & Abrasives, we offer an extensive range of polishes and compounds for various industries. Our complete line of products contains the items you need for all your buffing, polishing and finishing applications.

Polishing Compounds

Polishing is the process of using coarse material to smooth exteriors. With mild abrasives, these products smooth and buff paint and other surfaces for a mirror finish. As part of the polishing process, these kinds of compounds provide durable finishing and glossy sheen to your paint or other material. Buffing and polishing items help: Enhance an item's appearance, Remove oxidation, Inhibit corrosion, Prevent contamination, Produce a reflective exterior, Increase sanitation

Different Colors

The varying colors of these compounds identify different uses:

  • White: Compound used for a final shine and results on harder metals

  • Brown: Tripoli polishing compound for color and cut on most softer metals

  • Red: Rouges are safe on thin plates to polish without cutting action

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