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Overspray Film

Overspray Film

AB's Gloves and Abrasives offers a line of Overspray Films and Body/Paint Shop Masking supplies.

From Auto Body Masking Paper and Measuring/Mixing Cups to Bondo Spreaders, AB's Gloves and Abrasives carries the right product for all of your Shop Supplies applications. Take a look below at our comprehensive Shop Supplies and other products that AB's Gloves and Abrasives offers in this section.

Overspray Film: Using an automotive paint sprayer can be a messy project. Protect body panels, glass, and other vehicles in your shop as you spray your next vehicle. Overspray film is easy to apply, durable, and treated to protect against overspray flaking.

Compare automotive- and marine-grade films at AB’s Gloves and Abrasives. Extra-large rolls make it easy to cover entire vehicles, while smaller rolls are more manageable when protecting individual body panels and windows as you spray a vehicle.

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