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Ear Plugs

Ear Plugs

Earplugs, Small, efficient, and surprisingly effective, earplugs are a leading option for impressive NRR capabilities.

Here are some key features to look for when comparing plugs:

  • NRR rating: Just like muffs, you’re typically looking for a higher NRR rating. This helps you reduce the decibel levels in a worksite to safe levels. In general, you can expect higher levels from plugs when compared to earmuffs.

  • Visibility: Most earplugs come in bright, highly visible colors. This helps you find these small PPE items if they fall out of your ear or pocket.

  • Cost: Many earplugs are disposable or have a more limited life than muffs, so it’s important to balance innovative designs and affordable costs. Buy in bulk to reduce the price of individual plugs and to offer ear protection to coworkers, employees, or visitors.

  • Disposable vs. reusable: Consider investing in reusable earplugs to reduce the cost of use. These plugs can be cleaned and reused for an environmentally friendly alternative.

  • Corded vs. uncorded: A safety cord connecting both earplugs reduces the risk of dropping one, which is particularly convenient if you need to remove them throughout the day.

Earplugs are a great option if you’re looking for bulk protection. A large container of disposable earplugs can prepare an entire facility for safe operation around loud machinery or other high-decibel experiences. Plugs are a go-to choice for a facility that needs to equip multiple people with high-quality hearing protection for less investment. Give guests a pair as they review your facility and allow them to safely dispose of them to avoid coming in contact with dirty or contaminated PPE.

These compact PPE options are also very effective. A higher NRR gives you the safety you need to work around some particularly loud equipment. Combine plugs and muffs for exceptional hearing protection if you already have hearing loss or are working in an extreme situation. The combination of both protective devices gives you the best NRR you can achieve. Look for comfortable shapes of plugs without cords to easily fit inside your earmuffs.

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