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Hand Pads, Blocks & Sponges

Hand Pads, Blocks & Sponges

Sanding Hand Pads, Blocks and Sponges

When it comes to precision and worker comfort, our hand pads, blocks, and sponges are hard to beat. They provide excellent support for the hands, reducing the amount of strain during repetitive tasks. At the same time, the amount of control these options provide makes them ideal for sanding small objects and strange contours. These abrasives can be effective for everything from de-burring to finishing for wood, metal, and plastic. If you’re worried about automatic tools removing too much material, hand pads are a smart solution for getting things just right.

Take a look below at our comprehensive line of hand pads, blocks, and sponges that AB's Gloves and Abrasives offers in this section. If you can't find what you want or have questions, call us at 1.877.704.9897 or email us at today!

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