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Permanon is a brilliant 21st century surface protection that eliminates the need for buffing or polishing and is conveniently sold as a concentrate so that you buy less water and more protection. 

Permanon utilizes waterborne nano-engineered particles of Silicium (14Si) that electrostatically bond to the surface being protected.  There is no chemical or mechanical action to damage, or alter, the surface you are protecting. Permanon is designed to protect polyurethane topcoats and other solid surfaces such as glass, FRP, stainless steel, chrome, rubber, finished leather, granite, varnish, enamel, and solid surface products.  Permanon protection will outlast any wax or oil based renewable surface protection and comes specially formulated for Aircraft, Yachts, Boats, Cars, Trucks, Interiors, Pool & Spas, and Glass.

Permanon Supershine is mixed with water to easily and safely apply a tough, high gloss coating to all solid surfaces. Permanon coatings allow you to reduce the number of cleaning products as well as allow you to use less harsh or hazardous alternatives. Correspondingly, you will need fewer hours of labor to clean treated versus untreated surfaces without compromising appearance or safety. By adding a Permanon coating, cleaning times can be reduced by as much as 50%

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