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Mirka Polarshine polishing compounds are graded on a scale from coarse to fine.


At AB Gloves & Abrasives, we carry a complete line of Mirka Polarshine polishing compounds to serve your finishing needs. Options range from fine to coarse grades to produce a top-quality result. These compounds offer a high gloss finish for various industries, such as marine, automotive, and composite manufacturing.

We have Polarshine products for all paint systems to help you get a flawless coating after you've sanded the surface, including a single compound system. These polishing systems are safe, straightforward, and cost-effective solutions for your needs. We have various choices for applications by hand or machine.

Take a look below at our comprehensive line of Mirka Polarshine Polishing Compounds and other products that AB's Gloves and Abrasives offers in this section. If you can't find what you want or have questions, call us at 1.888.651.7263 or email us at today!