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Hearing Protection

Hearing & Ear Protection - Many styles of Ear Muffs and Ear Plugs are ready for delivery.

Protecting your hearing is a critical step in any professional, home improvement, or recreational environment. If you or one of your employees is exposed to noises 85 decibels or higher, OSHA requires ear protection with a suitable NRR, or noise reduction rating. Compare products at AB’s Gloves and Abrasives to find individual earmuffs or bulk, disposable earplugs for your next project.

Find All Your Hearing Protection Needs at AB’s Gloves and Abrasives

Browse these categories today to find out how you can enjoy safe ear protection during your next project. From bulk earplugs for your shop to a pair of earmuffs for your home workshop, enjoy excellent prices at AB’s Gloves and Abrasives. Contact customer service for any questions you may have about ordering from your leader in hearing protection, gloves, abrasives, and more.


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