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Mirka DEROS and DEOS

Features & Bene­fits

  • DEROS tools are vacuum-ready random orbital electric sanders (110V)
  • DEROS features a unique shroud system with brake seal providing improved dust extraction, even at low suction power
  • DEOS tools are vacuum-ready orbital electric sanders (110V)
  • DEOS features a low profile for easy maneuverability

All electric sanders

  • 1” I.D. hose threaded vacuum fitting
  • Brushless DC motor technology
  • Comparable power of pneumatic tools - but lighter
  • Quick connect fitting for the dust extraction hose
  • Digitally controlled with variable speeds
  • Pair with ‘NET’ abrasives for a dust-free experience
  • Bluetooth connectivity pairs with myMirka App


Sanders                                                                                                Dust Free Systems

08-755151  DEOS 3.2" x 5.2" (MID3530201US)                                      08-755275      DEROS 5" Dust Free System (18ft Hose)
08-755162  DEOS 2.75" x 7.75" (MID3830201US)                                  08-755281      DEROS 5" Dust Free System (33ft Hose)
08-755250  DEROS 5" Sander (MID55020CAUS)                                    08-7557618    DEROS 6" Dust Free System (18ft Hose)
08-755275  DEROS 6" Sander (MID65020CAUS)                                    08-7557618F  DEROS 6" Dust Free System (33ft Hose)