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Mirka 20-314 - BaseCut 5" PSA Linkrol Disc

$26.39 - $31.98
Mirka 20-314

Product Overview

Mirka BaseCut 5" PSA Linkrol Disc

  • New white color
  • Improved grain
  • Heavier paper

Basecut, our economy abrasives, now have better cutting performance and longer life. You will know the new Basecut by its white color and the 'New & Improved' mark on the box. All the same grits, shapes, and sizes are available so you can continue with your usual applications.

  • BaseCut by Mirka is a an economical abrasive that offers the characteristics of superior Design, production processes and materials.
  • BaseCut makes an aggressive initial cut and thanks to its durability has a long working lifespan that reduces cost.
  • The BaseCut is ideally suited for a wide variety of applications, including wood, composites and more.


  • Grain - Aluminum Oxide
  • Bonding - Resin over resin
  • Backing - D, C, and B paper
  • Coating - Semi Open
  • Grit Range - P80-P500

Finer grits suitable for dry sanding of surfaces with primer and lacquer
Available in discs, sheets and rolls with PSA or Grip attachment.