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image-application-wood.jpgEvery job has its own unique requirements which is why Mirka offers customized solutions and recommended processes that will help you optimize your surface finishing applications. No matter what the task, choosing ‘the Mirka way’ enables you to achieve your surface finishing goals while also maximizing productivity and minimizing costs.


image-abrasives-material.jpgFor more than three decades Mirka has been a leading manufacturer and supplier of abrasives to the automotive industry, automotive refinishing, composite manufacturers, the wood and furniture industries as well as the metal finishing industries. We are specialized in coated, non-woven and dust-free sanding products for surface finishing. Mirka's extensive product range caters for both individual operations and complete sanding systems. The unique Mirka concept of dust-free sanding, combined with our effective surface finishing solutions has replaced traditional sanding methods in many industries. The abrasive range is complemented with supplementary products and accessories, which enables Mirka to offer our customers complete sanding solutions.


polarshine-group-2.jpgIn a relatively short time, Mirka's highly effective polishing product line, Polarshine, has become the clear choice for performance conscious users. Although it was originally developed for demanding polishing operations in the automotive OEM and aftermarket sectors, it performs just as well in the marine and composite industries or any application where a high gloss end result is important. The Polarshine product range consists of polishing compounds from coarse through to fine grades and, when combined with Mirka polishers and pads, is ideal for producing a high quality result.


sandingtools.jpgOver the past ten years a strong investment in product development has enabled Mirka to expand from a leading abrasives maker into a developer and manufacturer of complete sanding systems. An integral part of that is the ‘Mirka Power Tools’ unit which is focused on designing, developing and manufacturing of advanced new sanding machines that provide a total sanding solution and deliver real benefits to customers. For example, in 2009 Mirka entered a pioneering new phase when it unveiled the light and effective electric sanding machine, ‘CEROS’ followed by 'DEROS' in 2013. Today, Mirka’s tool range consists of electric and pneumatic sanding machines, polishing machines and industrial vacuum cleaners, along with equipment for the sanding of walls and ceilings. It’s backed up by a complete range of spare parts, backing pads and other accessories to help you get the most from Mirka’s total sanding solution.


image-accessories-product-name.jpgA wide selection of genuine Mirka accessories is available to complement the company’s extensive range of abrasives, polishes and tools. Browse through the list of accessories and you are sure to find a solution to help boost your productivity and efficiency.