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Mirka MUS-MREFKIT18 Marine Refinishing Kit (1 kit)

Price: $135.17

Product Description

Mirka Marine Refinishing Kit, MUS-MREFKIT18

 For removal of light scratches and oxidation from gelcoat finishes.

1st Step: Using a suitable cleaner, properly clean the surface to remove dirt, was, grease or any other contaminants from the gelcoat using a microfiber cloth. 2nd Step: Remove oxidation and light scratches using Abralon 1000 grit with a 50% overlap pattern (damp). Lightly spray the pad and surface with clean water. If too much is used, the abrasive will float over the surface with reduced cutting action. Step 3: Buff using PC35 Polarshine compound in conjunction with a twisted wool pad (MPADTW-7.5-1.5). Use a slow speed (1,500 rpm) to prevent "burning" the finish. Keep the pad clean from compound build-up. Step 4: Polish using PC10 Polarshine with a black foam pad (MPADBF-8). Use a slow speed (1,500 rpm) to prevent "burning" the finish. Step 5: Clean the gelcoat surface using a microfiber cloth.

Kit Includes:

Part Number Qty Description
8A-240-1000 10 pcs Abralon 6" 1000G
MPADTW7.5-1.5 1 pc 7.5" Twisted Wool Pad
MPADBF-8 1 pc 8" Black Foam Polishing Pad
PC10-1L 1 Polarshine 10 1-Liter
PC35-1L 1 Polarshine 35 1-Liter
M-9915G 1 pk (2pcs) Polarshine Microfiber Cloths
  1 pc Mirka Bag







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