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Swirl Mark Remover


The most often stated complaint about new car finishes has transitioned from oxidation to "swirl marks"...those fine hairline, circular scratches that you see on dark-colored cars in direct sunlight. Unfortunately, swirl marks are all but impossible to avoid and almost as difficult to remove without the right products and techniques.

Swirl marks are simply another type of scratch. In fact, swirl marks can be categorized as a type of micro-scratch. A swirl mark is the micro-scratches caused by simple rotary polishing. Swirls appear as lines of concentric circle arcs across the paint surface and are most visible in direct sunlight. These lines of circle arcs will change position creating a swirling effect.

 The good news is that while they cannot be completely prevented, they can be easily removed when you are armed with the right products and information.  

Take a look below at the Swirl Mark Remover that AB's Gloves and Abrasives offers in this section. If you can't find what you want or have questions, call us at 1.888.651.7263 or email us at today!