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Sanding Sponges

Sanding sponges are foam sponges which are impregnated with grit of various sizes, allowing people to use the sponges as sanding tools to smooth various surfaces. They can be useful tools to keep around the house or workshop. 

There are a number of advantages to using sanding sponges when compared with sandpaper. One of the biggest bonuses is the fact that sanding sponges can be washed to remove clogged material, and they are very long lasting. As the foam and grit start to wear away, successive layers are uncovered, allowing a single sponge to be used on many occasions and in a variety of settings. The washability is also a big plus when people are working on projects which tend to clog sandpaper, such as sanding paint, putty, and similar materials.

Because sanding sponges are highly flexible, they can be used on flat or contoured surfaces, and unlike sandpaper, they will not crack or develop scuffed and bare spots. For extended sanding projects, using a holder can make sanding more comfortable, as it will reduce hand cramping and scuffed knuckles.

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