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Permanon Glass

glass.jpgPermanon Allround Glass is available in ready to dispense trigger spray containers as well as in bulk concentrate form. Permanon coatings will allow you to reduce the amount of specialty and aggressive spot cleaners used to maintain the surfaces. Correspondingly, you will need fewer hours of labor to clean treated versus untreated surfaces, all without compromising appearance or safety. By adding a Permanon coating, cleaning times can be reduced by as much as 50%.

Permanon gives you the ability to control your labor costs and meet the most demanding customer expectations through improved surface protection and cleaning technologies as well as eliminating the need for personal protective products (when applying Permanon). Because Permanon Silicium Si14 is water-based and electrostatically attaches to the surface rather than chemically bonding, it can be easily and rapidly sprayed on to all types of surfaces; i.e. paint, glass, steel, plastic, alloys etc. without risk of damage or affecting re-painting. 

Permanon is a safe and simple-to-apply surface protection that produces a brilliant shine on all solid truck surfaces. When applied, nano-engineered particles of Permanon's Silicium 14Si electro-statically bonds and fill microscopic pores and pits that naturally occur in solid materials. These nono-imperfections allow dirt and grime to bond to the surface, Permanon bridges and fills them making it harder for dirt to embed.

• Brilliant Shine without buffing or polishing
• Finger print resistant
• 50% reduction in time spent on cleaning and polishing
• Resists most acids, solvents and alkalis
• Electro-static bond repels airborne dust
• No chemical reaction with the surface
• Effective on interior and exterior surfaces
• Non-toxic, Non-flammable and biodegradable
• Temperature resistance up to 572ºF/ 300ºC


glass-bottle.jpg Permanon Glass Cleaner and Protection 

Select From Two Different Bottle Sizes

04-005019  Permanon Glass Cleaner and Protection, 500 ml 

04-005015  Permanon Glass Cleaner and Protection, 100 ml